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A new era in organic fertilisers 

   We offer a comprehensive service Supplying, transporting and spreading liquid and solid digestate from local AD plants
Our Digestate is pasteurised at source and is PAS 110 certified.It is also supported with regular laboratory analysis.These AD plants use only agriculturally produced feed stock.Which all ensures a safe premium product with excellent bio security.

Liquid Digestate
High in N,P and K it makes both excellent base and in crop fertiliser.
                 Spread and cultivate in before drilling
This is especially effective before spring and summer crops were achieving good establishment is an important consideration and crop Nitrogen take up is high.

              Apply as a Liquid fertiliser directly onto growing crops
    Using a tanker equipped with a 24m dribble bar working in the tram        lines. An application when crops are most responsive can aid crop stress    and provide a fast and direct route to convert digestate into yield.
            ( We have seen some excellent gains in cereal crops)

  A typical application rate of 30 m3 a hectare provides approx £133 in total nutrient value and £71 in readily available N,P,K  (source RB209)

Solid Digestate
      At 24% D.M.Is a consistent,"Peaty", low odour material, it has further enhanced N,P and K values and is risk free of potential weed seeds often associated with using animal manures.
 A superb soil conditioner,It increases organic matter,reduces leaching          keeps land "friable"and easy working.It helps improve potash indices as  well as holding up other nutrient levels in the soil. keeping them readily available to following crops.
We spread this product through our solid muck spreaders at a wide range of application rates to suit crop requirements.(see our muck spreading page)
  An application rate of 25 tonnes a hectare provides approx £225 in total nutrient value and £137 in readily available N,P,K


             Splash plate spreading 
                Fast and Economic 

          24m Dribble bar at work in crop

              In flight refilling in action

     Lorry tankers economically deliver 
          loads over longer distances

         JCB tractors show their pedigree                   capably delivering multiple loads 

           Megan with her wheels !!!


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