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 Contract Baling/ Chasing / Stacking Straw

We do it in Straw !!!!

DE Keeble Hesston straw baling chasing stacking harvest 2012

Straw baling in a sunny!! Suffolk with Claas tractors pulling Massey and Hesston balers JCB tractors chasing bales with Heath chasers, stacking with sheeting and carting bales on wagon and drag lorrie...

Contract Hesston Baling / Chasing / Stacking Straw

We run the largest range of Hesston balers available in Suffolk !!

By offering so much choice,we aim to provide a bale solution to suit your needs.

Our comprehensive baling and carting service enables us to clear large areas quickly and stack straw in the best possible condition

This ability allows follow on operations to commence unhindered.

  • 4 bigHesston balers 120 x 127 cm bales 550 Kg
  • 1 midi Hesston baler 120 x 90 cm bales 400 Kg (approx weights)
  • 1 mini Hesston baler 90 x 80 cm bales 250 Kg
  • On board moisture meters
  • Balers on wide Low ground pressure tyres
  • Skilled local operators
  • 4 Bale chasers with flotation tyres capable of clearing fields quickly and stacking.
  • Further distances are possible using Lorries with up to 20 tonne loads.
  • Telescopic stacking for longer term storage.
  • Straw turning available if required.
  • Capable of clearing 800 acres a day!!!!!
  • Stack protection sheets to keep bales dry also available for sale.
  • Tailor made payment scheme also available

Early Order Bookings Discounts apply !!!

 Midi Hesston baler 4x3 bales   

Chaser Collecting 4x3 bales

Mini Hesston 3x3 bales

Chaser Collecting 3 x 3 Bales

Big Hesston 4 x 4 bales

Chaser Collecting 4 x 4 Bales

Collecting bales before it rains takes long days and nights too !!  

 If the moisture`s right.

We`ll bale all night 

 Sheeted Stack

Bale chaser Stack

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