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All Year Round Harvest Fresh Straw

Supply Storage And Haulage Of Bales

Order bales from us, choose type and quantity then sit back and we will do the rest !!!

We will produce, store and deliver bales,only then do you pay saving worry, time and capital in straw, balers, labour, tractors, waste etc. Also allowing you to budget the exact cost per unit in advance!!!! 

Bale Sizes

Big Hesston (127 x 120)cm, Midi Hesston (120 x 90)cm Mini (90 x 80)cm

Straw types

Barley,Rape,Wheat,Seed grass stalks,Oats, Linseed

Bale qualities

Chopping Straw,Heating, Animal feed and bedding

Power Station, Vegetable cover, Mushroom Compost

Inquire for an unbeatable price !!!!!

We Have Extensive barn storage for bales and also

a unique roll over sheeting system

  • This allows us to cover bales the same day they were produced keeping them harvest fresh through out the year
  • We can deliver bales weekly/monthly throughout the year
  • We can even tailor a payment plan to fit cash flow in your business

Delivery Methods

Lorry and Draw-bar Trailer

Allows us to make deliveries in economical 20+ Tonne loads. Lorries.

Our drivers are also loader trained and so able to load/unload  

Tractor and trailers

We can deliver smaller orders locally in 10 ton loads

or 5 ton with our "mini" trailer and loader

 Lorry and draw bar trailer

Big economic loads 20 + tons

72 mini 36 Big or 48 midi

Hesstons on this load

 Artic Lorry and step trailer

Approx 17 ton loads

60 mini 30 big or 41 midi

Hesstons on this load

Tractor trailer load approx 10 ton

41 mini`s 18 big or 27 midi

Hesstons on this load

Mini Trailer load approx 5 ton

18mini 8 big or 12 midi

Hesstons on this load

Bale chasers delivering bales onto stack at harvest.

If you`ve got the storage space

This is the cheapest way to buy

Bale delivery to Elean Power station

Cranes test moisture and unload

bales 12 a time

We have extensive barn storage

And sheeted stacks to ensure we

are able to supply "harvest fresh"

bales all year round.

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