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In response to the reduced hedge cutting season (Sept to March)

We have launched this machine to enable us to tackle hedges/ditches to big for tractor

mounted hedge cutters.

The long reach arm (10m) and rubber tracked undercarriage allows us to cut during the winter months with minimal impact on the ground, crops or road.

The excavator is equipped with an additional pump and hydraulic circuits to power

attachments,without compromising digger performance.

The saw and grab combination allows one man working.It has unrivalled ability and

performance providing, High output, Safety, Tidiness,and so reducing cost

We can also clear ditches, empty ponds and even repair your tracks while we are there !!!!

  • Saw head with grab (cuts up to 600 mm thick)

  • Heavy duty flail head with additional 360 degree rotator
  • Tracks fully equipped with rubber pads to also be road friendly
  • Single pass complete hedge cutting possible (reduced ground compaction)
  • Zero tail swing to allow working in confined spaces.

Tackling big Leylandii with Saw and Grab

Finishing up same hedge now with flail

Cutting Willows out of waterway

All loaded up and ready to move

Saw and Grab laying out cuttings over fence

Award winning day out

at The Suffolk Show !!!

Hedge cut now time to clear the Ditch

Clearing silt out of a pond. Then to cut

hedge behind  

Heavy duty hedge cutting with excavator

D E Keeble Cutting overgrown hedges with saw blade and grab on 14 ton excavator

DE Keeble hedge cutting with 14 ton tracked Excavator

Doosan dx 140 lcr 360 excavator on rubber tracks. Hedge and ditch cutting with 11 metre reach and 1.2 metre rotating flail head

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