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Hedge Cutting

A cut above the rest

We have been hedge cutting since 1962 and pride ourselves

on the quality of our work 

Our machines are built bespoke to our specific requirements.They are strong and powerful capable of high output and still produce a quality finish.

The machines are mid mounted which means cutting is done in front of the cab for optimum performance and offer an unrivalled view of the work.

We also employ a T.M.adviser to ensure road works can be carried out legally and safely.

As well as local farmers,We presently work for Carrilion, EDF the RSPB

the Forestry commission, the Environment agency as well as many more !!!

  • Continuous forward & reverse! cutting possible

  • 40 gallons per min hydraulic piston pump·
  • 130 mph flail cutting speed
  • Debris blower to clear road
  • Lantra award trained and Qualified operators
  • Road Signs & machine marking complying to D.O.T road traffic standards ( Chapter 8)
  • Traffic management available to comply with the code of practice (Red Book 2014)
  • Saw blade for heavier growth & clearance service
  • Gripp / Rotary ditch cleaning
  • Long reach (10m) tracked machine also available (see excavator page)

Inquire for our flexible timing discount rates !!!!

Trimming a garden Leylandii hedge

Tractor and Saw in Action

 Rotary Gripp // Ditch cleaning 

Highway cutting note chevrons

and 610 arrow on rear

meeting D.O.T standards

Grass verge cutting

Street works qualified Operators

and Traffic Management available 

Long reach cutting 10m

see our Excavator page

With nearly 7metre reach

we can go over fence lines

to Trim hedge behind

Fine cutting around

Horse paddocks  

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