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Story of a Suffolk Hay bale

making hay summer of 2012 at Aldburgh, Blaxhall, and Easton Farm Park

  Hay Production

We make hay on land which has been sown with grass mix specifically for hay production,ensuring good quality,weed free hay.  

Hay bale sizes Mini Hesston approx 300 kg

Small Hesston approx 20 kg

  All of our hay bales treated with “Farmers Choice” additive system.

  • Higher Protein Level
  • Softer, greener hay
  • Fresher with less dust
  • Environmentally friendly with no polythene to dispose of after use
  • These can be purchased ex field and delivered in lorry / tractor trailer size loads or collected in smaller amounts all winter from the barn. 

We Mow grass with our mower conditioner for fast even drying

Baling mini Hesstons with additive to keep bales fresh and dust free

We use two Claas hay spreaders to keep hay aired. Allowing the

Sun to dry it quickly 

Bobcat stacking hay in livestock buildings ready for winter

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